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A little off the bridge path but David introduced me to the Aérotrain! A cool floating mode of transportation that would be great in any movie!

From Wiki.

The Aérotrain was a Hovertrain developed in France from 1965 to 1977. The lead engineer was Jean Bertin.

The goal of the Aérotrain was similar to that of the magnetic levitation train: to suspend the train above the tracks so the only resistance is that of air resistance.

Consequently, the Aérotrain could travel at very high speeds with reasonable energy consumption and noise levels, but without the technical complexity and expensive tracks of magnetic levitation.

From David,

A lot of resources were spent on the development of the French Aerotrain before it was abandoned in favour of the present TGV (very high speed rail) which was inspired by the Japanese Shinkansen railway system.
The reasons were financial and probably appeared to be sensible and practical at the time – the TGV (HSR) train could use existing railway corridors with less investment in the special trackway, and the technology was proven and less revolutionary. The inventor’s death probably also killed it as he was the brains behind it all. However the Aerotrain was quite something!.

Here is an earlier model.