Sheet Pile Box Beam Bridge

A quick gif to show a county sheet pile bridge with precast box beams. Click on it if it doesn’t seem to do anything…

Ignore the bump at the end of the road, I’m just waiting for the pavement to come…

Coffee break painting

I know I know, what happened to bridge stuff. Well if you haven’t noticed the world has gone a bit crazy and bridges seem small right now. Besides the Happy Pontist is on a roll.

So I am keeping my head down and trying to increase my skills for the new economy. I have also started looking for a book agent/publisher for my robot bridge book. Got my first rejection letter yesterday!

So here is a coffee break painting to prove I’m still around. Oh I gave a presentation to some elementary school kids about bridges and they were terrific!


Moving truck

This is the truck my wife and I used to move from Canada to California. We bought it for $800 and built a wooden box in the back to haul our stuff. Amazed we survived.

chevy nieko


College tuition increased 1100 percent since 1978

The cost of going to University has skyrocketed. I remember paying $300 dollars a semester at the University of Calgary.

I could work summers and still pay tuition, rent, with the occasional night out.

What happened?

A take by mother jones.

It wasn’t always like this: The cost of undergraduate education is twelve times higher than it was 35 years ago, far outpacing inflation. While the indexed price of college tuition and fees skyrocketed by more than 1,122 percent since 1978, the cost of medical care rose less than 600 percent, and the cost of housing and food went up less than 300.