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Keosauqua Bridge Construction – free ebook

A few years back I created a book detailing my design for the replacement of the historic Keosauqua Truss Bridge with a steel girder bridge. The book has well over a hundred photographs showing the construction timeline and how a bridge gets built.

The pdf file is large (80mb) and is located here (link).

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Here is an old video I made a long time ago about the bridge.

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Bad Intent Good Engineering

Listening to the news and getting ready to teach a class about engineering ethics, I can’t help but think of all the perverse ways engineering is misused. Should an engineer care about the final use of their designs?

I watched a documentary on the V2 rockets used in the Second World War. The designer, Wernher von Braun, developed the rockets, which caused a great number of casualties, but after the war he worked for the United States, developing the moon program. He even won the national medal of science. Quite a turn around.

Chemical weapons have recently been deployed, I would imagine an engineer helped to facilitate that effort. Since the engineering code mandates the protection of the safety, health and well being of the public, it is hard to imagine how an engineer could reconcile those two opposing points of view. Do you engineers ever wonder about these sorts of thing?

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Best Bridge Design Country – The United Kingdom

Sorry I don’t have a lot of new material today, I have been busy building a cabinet. (Lousy but usable)

But I got to thinking (I know it is hard to believe) after reading HP’s series of posts, that the best bridges seem to be in the UK. Here in America all our bridges lack imagination. Cheaper, squarer (is that a word?) and full of straight lines.

So I nominate the UK as the bridge mecca of the world. (IS it okay to call it the UK? Man I am showing my ignorance.) What do you think, am I wrong? What other country can boast the number and style of bridges found in the UK? And by bridges I mean aesthetic bridges.

On another note, why does it seem like the world is going crazy?

Quick render of a Google Warehouse Bridge