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Shari Blaukopf watercolor course

If you want a good overview of watercolor sketching, head over to 

The Sketchbook – MOSTLY MONTREAL, MOST OF THE TIME by Shari Blaukopf. 

Ms. Blaukopf is a teacher and really knows how to explain the mechanics of watercolor sketching. 

She also has an online course (which I took) about watercolor techniques. The course is great and really well made. Go through her website for a low price. (Just search for the blog post with the cheaper price)


Bridge Construction – go backward to go forward

It looks like a new masonry arch bridge could be built in Bristol….

Bridge Valley Road stone bridge
Website here

At first I thought it was a step backwards in bridge design but thinking about it in terms of sustainability, I think it makes sense. Why not build bridges that can last for hundreds of years using natural materials. (Why do we think bridges only last for 75 years?)

Dr Adrienne Tomor, who has spent her academic life studying masonry arch bridges, says, “This project is a unique opportunity to create a new legacy for Bristol that would link traditional bridge building techniques with modern infrastructure. Masonry arch bridges have been built all over the world for over 1,000 years and have stood the test of time. They are sustainable, efficient and beautiful. The bridge we are hoping to build should last over 300 years, should not be much more expensive than a concrete or steel equivalent and will be highly economic in the long-term.

i think we should give it a try.

3D printed watercolour palette

I have order a 3D printed watercolour palette I designed. The size is about 3.5″x 5.5″ and I wanted to see what the quality of 3D printing would look like.

I will let you know how good it is when I get it!

3D printed Plastic watercolour palette

Watercolour tree

I did this one on a coffee break. (about 15 minutes) 

I used a photo I had taken with my iPhone and I made the mistake of trying to follow the image….see how the evergreen is directly behind the tree. I should have moved it right or left so it wasn’t so centered. 

Oh well next time!


Out at the barn yet again

While my wife runs her horse around i experiment with watercolour styles. This one used a sharpie and some odd perspective. It looks like I used a telephoto lens! (No DOF)

But hey, it’s Art! So it can look any way I want….


Robot with watercolour house

I think this post marks the transition from bridge blog to watercolour books and Art. I have decided to actually DO things instead of report on them. Besides like I said in the last post the Happy Pontist is killing it on bridges!

This is another attempt at merging watercolour and 3D renders. I think it has some merit but I’m still working on it.
Robot with watercolour house copy

This is a watercolour sketch of a small farm house I did yesterday while my wife was working with her horse. The colors in the image are off a bit because I am still trying to figure out how to photograph them with my iphone.

farm house TBG

Watercolor with 3D robot

Obviously my blog is going towards Art, I mean, who can compete with the Happy Pontist!

I did a test this weekend where I did a quick watercolor sketch and added one of my 3D robots. I like the style and I think it may be the basis of my next children’s book. 

The image is large so you can open it in a new window and use it as a screen  background. (Of course that is a good idea. )