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Robot with watercolour house

I think this post marks the transition from bridge blog to watercolour books and Art. I have decided to actually DO things instead of report on them. Besides like I said in the last post the Happy Pontist is killing it on bridges!

This is another attempt at merging watercolour and 3D renders. I think it has some merit but I’m still working on it.
Robot with watercolour house copy

This is a watercolour sketch of a small farm house I did yesterday while my wife was working with her horse. The colors in the image are off a bit because I am still trying to figure out how to photograph them with my iphone.

farm house TBG

Watercolor with 3D robot

Obviously my blog is going towards Art, I mean, who can compete with the Happy Pontist!

I did a test this weekend where I did a quick watercolor sketch and added one of my 3D robots. I like the style and I think it may be the basis of my next children’s book. 

The image is large so you can open it in a new window and use it as a screen  background. (Of course that is a good idea. )


Suspension Bridge Robot Art

Another robot coffee break “painting”. I submitted my books to some agents hoping to get some traction in picture books. (Stories I have read, says that it takes up to ten years to get a book deal….)

To top it off, my illustrations are not typical of those found in children’s books. So what do you think is this an appropriate style for a book?

Marketing sucks

Trying to market sucks, that’s why I became an engineer instead of going to business school. Everybody says, use social media to reach your audience!

I’m terrible at social media. I don’t tweet or facebook or Instagram or…anything. Even this blog has seen better days… 

What I like to do is create odd stuff, like concept images for another book. 

Click for full size. 

Bridge Building Robots – Free STEM Children’s Books developed in Sketchup

The hardest part of making these books is actually getting the word out about them. It comes down to endless self-promotion or finding an Oprah of the bridge world to tweet you!

I made a quick video which may explain the books to viewers… I also looked into printing them and it is not finacially feasible without a publisher or a good Kickstarter campaign (which I may try…).

This may look better on YouTube, wordpress has a problem with HD videos…..


Emma – a mini BBR tale

Okay this does have a bridge in it….but I continue to go down the road of robots!

Here a short vignette , not really a story, about our dog Emma and her love of running. (click on image for pdf)


I like this image from the story.


snow painting 2

NieKo – The Bridge Building Robot & No Bridge! No Fair! Free Children’s e-book

Hi, I wrote two children’s e-books on bridge building robots and I want to give them away for free. (pdf download links below.)

Why am I giving them away for free? Well, I want kids to be interested in bridges and I thought the books would be an entertaining way to introduce kids to bridges! And to be honest, I would love it if I could find a (paper) publisher for my books. (So if you know anybody in the publishing industry…)

I am also going to ask two favors if you download the e-books.

1) Donate some money to the Animal Rescue League of Iowa ( (links below)

100% of donations will go to ARL.

Or go to

2) If you like the books (or you hate them), go to Amazon and give my books a review. You don’t have to buy them to give a review. (links below)

REVIEWS Please! (or buy the book)

NieKo – The Bridge Building Robots on Amazon
No Bridge! No Fair! on Amazon

Using them on a computer.
The books look good (I think) on a computer or an ipad or on a phone or… you get the idea. To view the book full screen on a computer, type Ctrl-l (L) and use the “esc” button to get back out of full screen.

First Book.
NieKo – The Bridge Building Robot
NieKo is an introduction to building simple concrete beam highway bridges. These bridges are everywhere in the United States and around the world. The robots entertain the kids while they (and their parents) learn about bridges!

Download a free e-book copy of NieKo-The Bridge Building Robot by clicking on the image below.
NieKo download

Second Book
No Bridge! No Fair! (Bridge Building Robots)

Update: if you view this on an iPad and the colors are crazy use the Adobe reader app (free) and it looks perfect.

How do you get across the river to the fair if the bridge washes out? You build a new one! In this book I used the names of our cats Eddie, Pete, and Rose along with our dogs Emma, Maggie and Betty and our horse Dudley! (Don’t forget my wife is in there as well…)

Download a free e-book pdf by clicking on the image below.


Third book?
I received a good idea for the next book from the Happy Pontist (best bridge blog on the web) and I’m trying to figure out a good story. (Or a lousy story, hey I’m an engineer.)
Remember donate if you can and I would appreciate reviews,


Facebook are you kidding me?

So I tried to log in to my facebook account I started a long time ago but never used.

Well I got locked out because I used my iPhone and not my iPad. Now they want me to send them government ID to reopen the account.

Is facebook worth it? I can’t believe we live in a society of “likes”. (Our organization has introduced reward stickers. )

Sigh, who would you trust with this information? (I will get right on sending my taxes to them. )

The ID you attach:

– Must be government-issued (ex: passport, driver’s license)
– Must be in color
– Must clearly show your full name, date of birth, and photo

copy of your certificate of incorporation or any other proof of the legitimacy of your business or organization, such as a:

– Utility bill
– Local business license (issued by your city, county, state, etc.)
– Tax filing
– Certificate of Formation (for a partnership)
– Articles of Incorporation (for a corporation)

I think I will get the chip implant instead…..