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Old School Advertising

I made a business card for my books! Yes, social media is the way to go but now I have something to hand people instead of trying to write it on a scrap of paper…. (do people use business cards anymore?)


SCBWI DrawThis word for August is “ADMIRE”

SCBWI decided to discontinue the monthly DrawThis contest. Then a funny thing happened, one of last month’s winners got a book deal. Now it is back for August.

The word for August is “ADMIRE”.

I started thinking about it (not that my style can win) and here are a few thoughts.

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Any thoughts on these?

admire statue admire fire fly admire emma croc fin

SCBWI Draw This monthly contest

SCBWI stands for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. I joined when I started writing children’s books using 3D modeling.

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Anyway the SCBWI has a monthly “Draw This” contest where a member can submit an image for the word of the month. The word for April was “Arrival” Here is my entry which is waayyy different in style from the rest.

Check out the other images, for April, here.

I’m a member for 10 more months but I think I will continue to enter the contests.

The word for May is “Borrow”.