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County Bridge

I designed a little 50′ x 28′ simple span for a local county. Counties have thousands of low volume bridges in need of replacement and this all-precast bridge was constructed in 5 days .

The advantages, beside speed, are the typical things, factory uniformity, quality, ease of installation (small crew), and low closure periods. This was really a proof of principle project, which I hope will lead to more projects and more things for me to design.

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Monday odds and ends

Hopefully my UPS package will arrive this morning to meet the deadline for the St. Patrick Bridge Comeptition. If not, sigh..

Updated. UPS got it there on time! Now I wish I had two more days to work on it..

Just remember when I finally show my submission on this blog it will probably be a little bit of a letdown. I think it is a technically difficult design (engineering wise) but maybe not as aesthetic as other concepts.

Looking back at HP’s “How to win a bridge design competition“, I failed in a couple of his points. Like, #8, I just could not get together a perfect presentation in the time I had.

8. Assume the judges will spend a maximum of five minutes looking at your entry in the initial run-through. Possibly not even that. The presentation board is 100% key.

Other stuff – My ABC bridge

My design for a little 50′ ABC bridge is being constructed. Friday the steel H piles were driven and Saturday the abutments were set. Today should entail setting the deck panels, backwalls and maybe grouting the shear keys. If they have it all done by Wednesday I think they get the $25,000 speed bonus (Additional 12.5% profit). I will probably go up and see it tomorrow and then I will post some pictures.