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Things are a little quiet of the bridge front. I have finished my summer teaching ( I know you care) and I am waiting to hear about the fall. (teaching is outside my full time job)

I have also contacted a number of bridge engineers, hoping to start a series of short interviews for this blog. I thought it would be interesting to read about practicing engineers and their projects. (well maybe I will be the only one reading it…) But as you can imagine it is difficult to get responses to “cold” emails asking for answers to questions…..for a goofy bridge blog.

The idea was to ask five questions which would be short enough for a blog post, be interesting and manageable for a engineer to fit into their schedule. We will see how it goes.

What else? I have come to hate my usb Blue Snowball microphone. I can’t seem to get good sound out of it unless I am in a padded room and I hold the mic two inches from my face. (I believe that is two kilotonnes away for you metric types…) I wanted to make some “GOOD” videos for a change but, hey its the mic’s fault….(no really.)

One other idea I have been working on is a use for the ultra high strength concrete mixes out there, in “real” bridges, at an affordable price. We seem to use the stuff in traditional shapes (beams) and then pay extra for something we probably don’t need. An arch bridge is the way to go because it is typically completely in compression. I will work on it. (hopefully ABC)

hat-tip to David for some good photos.