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The Depressing Rise of Squiggletecture – and how to design a bicycle/ped bridge

A couple of years old but still relevant! Link

Architecture and design is a question of taste. What I like might not be what you like. I'm not going to bother talking about which designs appeal to me. Here at the office we started looking at the bridge from the mobility perspective and, as is our lot, from the perspective of citizen cyclists who want to get around their city. Basing our focus on the many bicycle bridges in the Netherlands and Denmark. In particular, Copenhagen has seven new bicycle bridges either just openend or on the way. Leaving the personal taste up to the individual, we looked at pure mobility

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tallbridgeguy store!

I have decided to have my own store for engineers! Right now its a little rough but I hope to have a ton of cool products and videos in the future.

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