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Since this a new blog and Google has not placed it in it’s search engine yet, I can pretty much talk about anything because no one is reading it anyway….

Why Accelerated Bridge Construction?

Despite all the hype it is difficult to change the direction of bridge construction to ABC. Critics of ABC will quote the higher up front costs, but this will be dealt with as standards and mass production come to ABC designs.  The real problem with ABC is that typical cast-in-place techniques usually provide a better final product than ABC.

When you build a bridge the old fashioned way, and I am speaking primarily of concrete bridges, you get a bridge that increases in strength due to integral construction. Meaning, the bridge is “locked” together by the cast-in-place concrete.

Accelerated Bridge Construction will always be appealing for its speed and eventually it will have the longevity of its cast-in-place cousins. As I learned in my steel design class, its all in the connections!