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Out at the barn yet again

While my wife runs her horse around i experiment with watercolour styles. This one used a sharpie and some odd perspective. It looks like I used a telephoto lens! (No DOF)

But hey, it’s Art! So it can look any way I want….


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Robot with watercolour house

I think this post marks the transition from bridge blog to watercolour books and Art. I have decided to actually DO things instead of report on them. Besides like I said in the last post the Happy Pontist is killing it on bridges!

This is another attempt at merging watercolour and 3D renders. I think it has some merit but I’m still working on it.
Robot with watercolour house copy

This is a watercolour sketch of a small farm house I did yesterday while my wife was working with her horse. The colors in the image are off a bit because I am still trying to figure out how to photograph them with my iphone.

farm house TBG

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Watercolor with 3D robot

Obviously my blog is going towards Art, I mean, who can compete with the Happy Pontist!

I did a test this weekend where I did a quick watercolor sketch and added one of my 3D robots. I like the style and I think it may be the basis of my next children’s book. 

The image is large so you can open it in a new window and use it as a screen  background. (Of course that is a good idea. )