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Suspension Bridge Robot Art

Another robot coffee break “painting”. I submitted my books to some agents hoping to get some traction in picture books. (Stories I have read, says that it takes up to ten years to get a book deal….)

To top it off, my illustrations are not typical of those found in children’s books. So what do you think is this an appropriate style for a book?

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Marketing sucks

Trying to market sucks, that’s why I became an engineer instead of going to business school. Everybody says, use social media to reach your audience!

I’m terrible at social media. I don’t tweet or facebook or Instagram or…anything. Even this blog has seen better days… 

What I like to do is create odd stuff, like concept images for another book. 

Click for full size. 

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Bridge Building Robots – Free STEM Children’s Books developed in Sketchup

The hardest part of making these books is actually getting the word out about them. It comes down to endless self-promotion or finding an Oprah of the bridge world to tweet you!

I made a quick video which may explain the books to viewers… I also looked into printing them and it is not finacially feasible without a publisher or a good Kickstarter campaign (which I may try…).

This may look better on YouTube, wordpress has a problem with HD videos…..