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So yesterday I tried to get sustainability into company policy. A coworker suggested I should be fired for trying. Exciting being an engineer.

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Structural Analysis book ranking

I haven’t written much lately for a number of reasons. For one, it is difficult to say anything new and meaningful.

Write about sustainability, check, bridges blow up good videos, check, sketchup, check, teaching stuff, check, change anybody’s mind…..well maybe not. Keep trying, check.

Other reasons – trying to finish teaching this semester, writing a children’s book and getting back into traditional painting.

BUT, I did get one highlight concerning my book. It’s a basic set of problems book but it is useful. The funny thing if you catch the sales rank at exactly the right moment, you can be in the top ten and then when you check later you fall out if the rankings.

For now, I have written a top ten book! Yea! 🙂


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Sustainability – Overview of sustainable infrastructure rating systems – Envision, Invest and I-Last

This is a powerpoint presentation that I put together for a class on sustainability. It gives a quick overview of three infrastructure rating systems in the US, Envision, Invest and I-Last.

Not my best video, I kept looking at the clock….oh well, hopefully something in it is useful. (Plus I had the worst case of marble mouth.)

For ipad users, click here for a better quality video.

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GroveBot – Robot Crane Concept

Coffee Break GroveBot, used on construction sites.

The white part of the building is the precast cladding on the Scotia Center in Calgary. My father manufactured all the precast for the building and I remember washing the concrete before shipping it to the site.

Scotia Center finished in 1976 at a cost of $30 million dollars.

scotia building bot

tbg grove bit.jpg