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I told you so, St. Patrick’s Island Bridge

I entered the Calgary bridge contest for a new structure linking St. Patrick’s Island to the riverbanks of the bow. My idea was a rotating bridge that would lift the connection to St. Patrick’s Island into the air in case of river flooding.

Now I can say, told you so, my idea was not so far fetched! The bridge rotates lifting the access ramp off the Island. Not the most beautiful bridge but it would have saved a lot of money in that flood.


This is the Island flooding and all the structure on the Island getting damaged…

Bonus pic.

The substructure of the bridge will always be in the river and yes, it was designed to resist water and ice loads but is it a good idea?


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Calatrava – Doha Bay concept

Is this getting built? I just saw this two year old video yesterday. (Yes I’m late to the party)

What is the point of the bridges/underwater tunnels? Is a shortcut or a “just for the hell of it” project?

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Improving Reality 2013 – Paul Graham Raven

What do you think of this?

Asking what an object or structure means is an intrinsic part of what designers, architects and artists do all the time. It’s not natural for engineers, though. Engineers are practical people; they build things to spec, they keep the lights on and the trains running. To be clear, this isn’t to claim that engineers have no imagination – far from it. Engineers have plenty of imagination, but it is directed very differently. Engineers solve problems; they imagine “how”. The artist, by contrast, imagines “why”; the engineer’s problem is the end product of the artistic process.

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Keosauqua Bridge Construction – free ebook

A few years back I created a book detailing my design for the replacement of the historic Keosauqua Truss Bridge with a steel girder bridge. The book has well over a hundred photographs showing the construction timeline and how a bridge gets built.

The pdf file is large (80mb) and is located here (link).

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Here is an old video I made a long time ago about the bridge.