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Joseph Zbukvic – great Watercolour Artist

Worth watching to see a watercolor master.

2 thoughts on “Joseph Zbukvic – great Watercolour Artist

  1. TBG,
    Thanks for sharing the instructive video. I wish I had a fraction of Z’s confidence and artistic skills! By the way, I’m looking forward to seeing more of your own watercolour paintings. How about a bridge? Pick your bridge, pick a viewpoint, and see what it gives. e.g. 3 different views of London’s Wobbly Bridge:

  2. Hi David, Zbukvic is great and I really like Alvaro Castagnet as well. The style of painting alla prima appeals to me.

    As to my paintings, I am kinda in an experimental stage. I only like about 35 – 50% of a painting, maybe when i get to 75% i will post some stuff!


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