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Making a metal watercolor paintbox

I ordered some books on metalsmithing so I can learn how to make my own custom watercolor paintbox.

I also drew a couple of ideas up in Sketchup to get the old brain working. Got any tips about making a paintbox? I’m not even sure what material I should use. Brass? Tin?

Paintbox concepts before enameling.



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Watercolour box like Craig Young

I would love to have a watercolour box like the one made by Craig Young. I can’t afford his beautiful handmade brass box but maybe someone out there could make me a cheaper version of it?

Don’t get me wrong I would buy the CY model in a second if I was a better painter and had $400 bucks to spare.

I knocked together a couple of images showing what i would like. Tin boxes are fine and i can handle the painting and enameling. Maybe we can start a business or you can teach me how to make a box? Let me know!



Castagnet has a CY box.