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Baton Bridge Concept

So it has been an odd week and it is only Tuesday! Yesterday I was on the losing side of a debate on the “worth” of a structural design engineer.

I felt that a design engineer is a valuable resource that deserves respect (and money) while the other side essentially saw designers as commodities that should be managed and kept at the lowest possible cost. The engineers who sign the plans should be leading the projects but I see them becoming more like factory workers. Like I said, bad day.

Oh well, I had another goofy idea for a bridge, the Baton bridge. The bridge is a curved cantilevered structure that is balanced with a weight.

The more weight you put on the bridge causes the baton to rotate down, increasing the counter balancing force of the baton weight. Obviously you would need significant weight sensors in the bridge deck plus a computer system to adjust the angle of the baton.

Most importantly, you would require a great deal of liability insurance.

Click on the image to see the slide show.