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Calgary Peace Bridge Opens Tomorrow!

Straight across the Bow River it shot, the daring red tube between Eau Claire and Sunnyside, designed by an architect best known for his lofty cable bridges in gleaming white.

Dave Bronconnier looked out over the water.

The pedestrian bridge wasn’t there. The steel wasn’t fabricated. The construction contractor wasn’t chosen.

Santiago Calatrava’s bridge didn’t even have a name – it was just known as the “Calatrava bridge,” or grunted about in lunchrooms as “that bridge.”

The then-mayor studied the unreleased graphic rendering on his laptop from where he stood on the riverbank that spring day in 2009 and let his imagination place it over the river, one confidante recalls.

It may not have been what he’d expected, but it’s attractive, Bronconnier would tell others.

It finally opens to cyclists and joggers Saturday, more than 500 days after Bronconnier left office instead of about two weeks after, as was scheduled.

Live music starts at 2:15 p.m. and includes performances on the stage and on the bridge. Performers include:

Robot Workers
Hip Hop crews The Original Rudes and Grim Reminder
Spencer Jo & the Mandrills
Nix Dicksons
Locomotive Ghost
Calgary Chinese Cultural Society performers

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  1. TBG,
    The launching process across the temporary support bridge is visible here:
    The bare structure seems lightweight, only 850 tonnes pushed load for 130 metres length?

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