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Can Bridge Concept

Our office is building a can sculpture, with the final proceeds going to a local food pantry.

So I made a quick concept image to describe the project.


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Mind boggling weather

The weather has been unbelievable this spring. We are set to hit 85 degrees F this Saturday! ( I believe that is about 233 C, ­čÖé )

I wonder what the climate nay sayers think about this…..

From the Washington post,

The record warm weather in the Midwest, Great Lakes, and Northeast continues to destroy century old records by unthinkable margins.


iPhone image

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Calgary Peace Bridge Opens Tomorrow!

Straight across the Bow River it shot, the daring red tube between Eau Claire and Sunnyside, designed by an architect best known for his lofty cable bridges in gleaming white.

Dave Bronconnier looked out over the water.

The pedestrian bridge wasn’t there. The steel wasn’t fabricated. The construction contractor wasn’t chosen.

Santiago Calatrava’s bridge didn’t even have a name – it was just known as the “Calatrava bridge,” or grunted about in lunchrooms as “that bridge.”

The then-mayor studied the unreleased graphic rendering on his laptop from where he stood on the riverbank that spring day in 2009 and let his imagination place it over the river, one confidante recalls.

It may not have been what he’d expected, but it’s attractive, Bronconnier would tell others.

It finally opens to cyclists and joggers Saturday, more than 500 days after Bronconnier left office instead of about two weeks after, as was scheduled.

Live music starts at 2:15 p.m. and includes performances on the stage and on the bridge. Performers include:

Robot Workers
Hip Hop crews The Original Rudes and Grim Reminder
Spencer Jo & the Mandrills
Nix Dicksons
Locomotive Ghost
Calgary Chinese Cultural Society performers

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45,000+ YouTube hits

As I sit here doing the sprinkler in my office chair (it’s a dance,what were you thinking it was) I noticed I passed 45,000 hits on my YouTube channel.

Obviously this is chicken feed in the viral video world but THANKS to all the viewers! ( maybe a video of my sprinkler dance would get some hits? Ha!)

Since I don’t have a window in my office ( think about that when you choose a career in engineering..) I have to look at a tree painting I painted a while back. The iPhone photo makes it look bad, no really it’s the phone not my lack of talent..

Thanks again YouTube viewers!


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TBG T-shirt

So I was fooling around and made a potential t-shirt image. Of course it’s stupid, immature and totally bitch’in. (anybody use that expression anymore?)

I just take some inkjet t-shirt paper and iron it on. Maybe I will give shirts to engineers who answer five questions! (or threaten to send them a t-shirt if they don’t answer the questions!)

Anyway, I know it’s goofy but hey, life is short. (right click for full view)


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I received an email from karbeyaz about a bridge competition in Istanbul. Looks like fun!

As one of the most important student organizations in Bo─čazi├ži University, DECO (Design&Construct) is a steel bridge competition held by Bo─čazi├ži University Construction Club since 2007. This Europe’s one of a kind competition is held in the unique atmosphere of Bo─čazi├ži University South Campus with participants from both Turkey and Europe.

The aim of the competition is to create an opportunity for civil engineering and architecture students from different universities/countries to meet, to present the bridges that they designed and compete against time and other students; and also introduce them the historical and cultural places of Istanbul.

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When to change design codes?

The new 2012 LRFD AASHTO code is sitting on my desk. So my question is, when do designers adopt the new code?

Do you start right away or do you wait for your state to adopt the new standard?

How do you feel about using older design codes, say 2007, is it still useful?

And yes I have a belt today, but no onion.

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I forgot my belt

I forgot to wear my belt to work today. That may be a bad sign of mental aging or a good sign that I am so skinny I don’t need a belt.

I actually thought about trying to find some rope to use, talk about not caring how you look at work.

Here are some interesting stats about engineers. 82% of engineers need belts, 3% also need suspenders. 19% of engineers wear headphones at work and blue is their favorite color. 43% of engineers could be considered bald and 27% hate clowns.

8% of engineers do not read instructions and 21% think donuts are the only reason to go to a meeting.

(All these stats come from my own TBG polling which essentially boils down to watching engineers in their natural habitat.)

As REM pointed out “It’s been a bad day, Please don’t take my picture.”