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I-90 Bridge Hit

Thousands of vehicles will continue to be detoured off Interstate 90 in Fairview Township today through Friday night as demolition crews work round-the-clock tearing down the Platz Road bridge.

Westbound lanes of that section of I-90 in Fairview closed Tuesday for the emergency demolition of the 52-year-old bridge, damaged Monday when a tractor-trailer struck it.

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3 thoughts on “I-90 Bridge Hit

  1. TBG & pedestrian,

    Embarrassing & expensive, luckily no one was killed in either case? This can happen anywhere – it’s difficult to account for every example of driver inability, inattention or negligence. In many countries there is a “template” at all entries to such major highways. This is usually a hanging sign board positioned at the statutory height which, when struck by an offending vehicle, should alert the driver, set off alarms at the highway management office, and automatically activate electronic message boards above the road in front of the vehicle, immediately telling the driver to stop.

    These systems use a camera for optical capture & some sort of “virtual template” device (laser scanner?) that can detect an “out of format” vehicle as it enters the highway before it does any damage, whilst recording its registration number & other details. “Big Brother” is watching us anyway so let him do something useful. I guess if the driver is really stupid though nothing will stop him until he hits the bridge?


  2. Wow Pedestrian that is a big crash! Thanks for posting it!

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