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Alberta Oil Pipeline

The magazine Engineering News Record has an editorial advocating for building an oil pipeline from Alberta (my old stomping grounds) to Texas. The oil sands in Alberta are huge but it is extremely difficult to extract the black gold, in an eco-friendly way.

I have some reservations about this quote,

Climate change is important, but not as urgent as the need for ample energy security and putting people to work.

Can’t we have both? Why is it one or the other. Is there no way to have a clean environment with clean energy and jobs? Has no one at ENR watched Blade Runner?

The U.S. and the rest of the world will be dependent on fossil fuels for the foreseeable future. The risks posed by the Keystone XL pipeline are not substantially more catastrophic than the risks we run every day with the hundreds of thousands of miles of pipeline that crisscross our country.

Acting as if the future of climate change hinges on this one big pipeline is just the kind of apocalyptic nonsense we don’t need.

From The Economist,

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  1. Dear TBG,

    Check out this link also, entitled “The stench of money”:,1518,791008,00.html

    Independent specialist technical views do not appear in most mass media sources. Such critical decisions for the human species are being made by vacuous politicians without foresight & businessmen only interested in the quick buck who know even less than we do -they don’t have a clue, can’t listen nor understand.

    A Canadian friend wrote me this week:
    “If the US decides that the environment is more important than Oil from Alberta – the Chinese are waiting in the wings to buy all we can produce, and the US knows it. Poor prognosis for my kid’s quality of life, after we are gone!”
    As a relevant film I am also reminded of “Wall-E”:

    Climate change, over-population and environmental degradation may not lead to extinction of the human race but who wants to live on Mars… Don’t any of these decision-makers have children or grandchildren?


  2. I think the hope is engineers will solve it in the future……

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