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Floating bridge concept

Not mine but I love these quotes,

After initial consultations with engineers dubbed the concept unfeasible, the route builders and organisers took up the challenge


Engineers considered statistics like the 100-year flood levels and took unseasonable rain and flooding into account. We are taking a calculated risk based on what we know of the seasonal factors

2 thoughts on “Floating bridge concept

  1. TBG,
    Great post! So much for the engineers in question. Maybe they were worried about legal action or their insurance? (There are no side rails so I hope all the bikers can swim.) Floating bridges have been used for millennia, for military & other temporary uses, as well as for permanent applications such as crossing very deep water.

    Maybe this is not the same bridge?! It does look a bit dodgy in this photo:
    that I found here:

    Some more images here for those who like floating bridges: (Bosphorus, circa 500 B.C.) (Russia 1898) (Italy 1944) (Tasmania, 1943 – 1964) (Siberia, recent) (Vermont, USA) (Norway)


  2. Thanks David, I liked the one for horses! I’m not sure I would know how to design a floating bridge but it would fun to try!


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