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Thanks HP!

Thanks again for the shout out HP! I appreciate all the support!

I saw this blog and the pictures are really creepy….and a good cautionary tale.

Bridge of Death

Courtesy Village of Joy

One thought on “Thanks HP!

  1. Dear TBG,
    1) I appreciated HP’s blog news post too, giving you and your fellow engineering bloggers a wave.

    2) Your “Bridge of death” post:
    With bridge failures, history repeats itself on a 30 year generational cycle, as at least 2 HPs (including Henry Petroski and Happy Pontist) have already reminded us:
    Nuclear plant failures apparently happen with a similar frequency – 3 Mile Island, Tchernobyl, and now Fukushima… and with far more enduring and irreversible effects:
    This map is even more scary:
    You don’t have to understand French or Japanese to “get it”. Tokyo-Yokohama agglomeration where around 40 million human beings live is in the bay at the South of the shaded portion of the map.
    The USA has 104 nuclear reactors for generating electricity, mostly with a similar basic design to Fukushima and not much containment or aircraft impact protection compared to the latest European design containment vessels, some are in seismic zones, and maybe low-lying and close to rivers or the sea also? We need to think more of long term maintenance, more “fail-safe” design, and of future generations, as you have already posted.
    Sorry to be so gloomy but there are people much brainier than us who are saying much the same thing but nobody powerful seems to be listening?
    Keep on blogging about everything that gets in your gut, we sure need it!

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