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Professor Michael P. Collins – In Search of Elegance

Can you get youtube overseas?

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Collins has concentrated his research effort on understanding how cracked reinforced concrete resists shear stress. Shear failures can cause concrete structures to collapse without warning and hence, accurate analytical models for shear behaviour are critical for public safety.

Unfortunately, most traditional shear design procedures rely upon empirical design rules which lack a rigorous theoretical basis and can be dangerous if applied to new situations. The Compression Field Theory, and subsequently the Modified Compression Field Theory, developed by Professor Collins and his colleagues at the University of Toronto Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, provides a rational basis for shear design and has received worldwide recognition.

A Simplified Modified Compression Field Theory is currently the design standard in the Canadian CAN/CSA A23.3-04 which is the basic truss model, and soon to be updated and included in the European Building Code. He is the author of over 80 technical papers, 8 of which have received research prizes.

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  1. Prof. Collins is great – in first year he made us take our notes in a Clairefontaine notebook and I still refer to it all the time.

    This is the lecture he gives at the end of the term. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. He seems like a cool guy.

    Thanks David for stopping by!

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