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How to Respond Effectively to Design Criticism

This article on Smashing magazine, is more about web/print design criticism but I think the points can apply to bridge design. For Example,

  • Challenge yourself
    Feedback challenges you to be a better designer. Rather than settle for your own standards, you are pushed to take your work to the next level.
  • Develop communication skills
    If nothing else, dealing with a critic can dramatically improve the way you communicate — an essential skill for any successful design career.
  • Outside motivation
    Constructive criticism often gives you the kick in the butt you need to learn a new design skill or technique. Self-motivation is great, but everyone could use a hand from time to time.
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Hornet’s Nest Friday

I was asked which five bridges I think should be shortlisted, but after looking at them all again I chose just one.

Since the judging criteria is not clearly stated I thought the most likely goal of the project is to put the area on the map. In that vein, I picked the bridge that I thought would generate the most positive/negative buzz and lots of press.

But before you get there I want to add a question to the mix. (remember Hornet’s Nest Friday, or maybe I should keep this for Minefield Monday?)

SHOULD the public pick the winning bridge in Calgary? Some architects fought over this issue last year. Would you favor the public picking the final design or design professionals?

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Art Bridges

I know architects have taken over the design of pedestrian bridges but I was wondering how many artists have gotten involved with bridges? What I mean by that is, how many new bridge designs are being proposed by artists? Not just gingerbreading a bridge with sculptures and paint but making the structural load carrying  members into “art”? (and yes I know, all bridges are “art”)

I think a cool sculpture bridge would be fun to build. You want a landmark bridge? How about a Claes Oldenburg?

sant1 copy

How about a water feature on a bridge?

I have seen some painted bridges (not many, to some paint is a maintenance headache on a bridge)

For example, the Alkaff Bridge in Singapore, is a steel truss shaped like a tongkang (a type of boat) and colorized with industrial paint.

File:Alkaff Bridge, Nov 05.jpg

Any other cool sculpture bridges out there?