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Some bridge odds and ends.

Proposed skylink bridge. Not sure how the plants work. (sketchup drawing.)

Image: Gotta admit it looks cool. But will it happen? Courtesy of Lukmire and Associates.

Proposed pedestrian bridge in British Columbia, Canada. I’m not sure the structure would actually stand up with those member sizes and cable placements.

Architect Gregory Henriquez's proposal for a pedestrian bridge across False Creek that would connect Kitsilano with the West End.

These are bridge pictures I stole from the Happy Pontist. I think these concepts would work for the Calgary bridge. (sorry I tried to stay away from that bridge!) (Below the fold.)

Update: Here are some answers to recent questions about the Calgary bridge. Mine was #16.

2 thoughts on “Some bridge odds and ends.

  1. I thought their answers were weak, especially on how the competition will be judged, which makes me more happy not to be competing. There’s basically no guarantee whatsoever that the judging will be independent, fair, or in any way rational – the engineering adviser has a vested interest because of their own bridge nearby; the client can take decisions on entirely capricious grounds; there’s no indication who will even be judging the entries. In many countries, a competition run along these lines would be illegal, given that it’s public money that’s being spent here.

  2. I agree. I was unhappy when I read the FAQ they put out. Essentially the judging criteria is hidden (step one) and their motives seem cloudy.

    I like the challenge of trying to fit a bridge into a great site but I want a fair fight.

    Maybe I will just post how I might design something like this and post my solution without entering. Its not like I’m going to win…Thanks again!

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